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Sunday, 10 September 2017

Speech 2017

 Do you have siblings? That fight over random things like who gets to pick the music in the car, or who's the best sports player.

 Well I think lots of you will have had a childhood memory a little like this. You're just about to go for a trip somewhere. You're all ready but then everyone wants to sit in the front seat. You can't decide. So you have a race from the front door, to the front seat. Ready set go! Running running.
“Ohh, thats not fair! She got it last time!”
“Yes, it is.”
“No it not.”
“Yes it is!”
The joy of sitting in the front seat is a bit like royalty. You get a big window, the radio and plus. The front seat royalty gets no fighting with siblings.

 The second random thing children fight over is airplane window seats.
Yes a lot of you will have a moment just like this. You get your ticket for the plane, yet you're stuck with that seat because your ticket has your name on it. You get on the plane and it turns out your sibling gets the window seat. The reason they want it is because the view, but the aisle set person gets served first. So either way it's a win win. Well at least to me.

The third random thing children do is argue about, is who's the best sport player in their family, because just sometimes me and my brother think that.
“I'm better than you at attacking the ball.”
“No you're not.”
“Yes I am you're better at sitting on the sideline.”
“No because I'm always on the field.”

Yep I have had an argument like that before. Some of you probably have too and trust me if you haven't it doesn't end out well.

Things like that, are random things children do. If you have a problem like that, make a roster of who's turn it is in the front seat. Get your parent to say you're both excellent sports players. For the airplane one just deal with it because you can't change that.

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