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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

The prank

Our feet tumbled down the rocky road as we entered the prank zone. My heart was thumping as the dark walls closed in behind us. I swallowed as the pen slipped out of my hand. We heard a step coming closer and closer. I hid the pen behind me as it got even closer. We opened the door  and ran. We hid behind the door. The cold air closed in around me but luckily the steps went straight past. We looked around us - we were in the prank zone. Their heads were as wriggly as a worm,  one of us holding their  head while the other drew on their face. At that moment I thought “Am I waking them up?” I was laughing so hard. I sat with my cold hand covering my mouth my face was as red as blood. I was finished. I said “I'm never doing this again.” My cold hand was clutching. I needed to go back. Let's go over to the spa, it was so warm there and it was cold outside.  We had finished. It was completed. “Let's go Mckenzie.”
“Fine,” mumbled Mckenzie.

Overall I think it was multistructural because I can connected my ideas and explain what happened I can use bright spark words and I can use punctuation. I think it went well because I wrote down my ideas then I added bright sparks words.  My next steps are to put even more punctuation in my writing than before and bright sparks words.

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