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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Science journal 5

This week we learnt more about flight like the difference between flying and gliding. Gliding is when you don't move, you just glide like when you are swimming. Birds need to glide when they get tired and flying is when you are moving just like a plane. I also Learnt that seagulls can glide for up to 46 days without landing now, that's amazing!

I've been wondering about weight. If you turn  the engine off will the plane fall straight down. I found out that if you do turn off the engine it will glide for 3 minutes without crashing. Also weight can help the plane land because the weight is Heavy so when you go to land the weight of the plane is pushing against the lift and if you don't have any weight it's going to take a long time to land.

I already know about lift and how that helps the plane by lifting it from the ground and now I need to learn about what the thrust does to the plane.

I think my learning is multi-structural because I could explain what I learnt and next time I need to add bright sparks word.

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