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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Science journal

Week 1: Starting to think about science: Gathering and Interpreting Data.
Today we did a experiment with slime and dumped it over Mr Anderson. It looked cold and slimy. I put myself on multistructural because I did help in some way by asking questions and pouring water in. We tried to make it slimier and we put vanilla essence in so it smelled good. After 7 minutes it went back to rotting egg smell. Overall I think I put myself in the right spot. It was funny to watch it when it went all over Mr Anderson.

Week 2: Balloon Rocket experiment
Today I am confident in my observations because I can tell what it has done. eg if the Balloon has only traveled a little distance, you have put too much air in it, so if you put 3 breaths of air into the balloon it go further along.

Week 3

At school we did a balloon rocket experiment. We took two chairs, threaded a straw through the string and then sellotaped the balloon to the straw. We blew up the balloon and then
videoed it. We let the balloon and when we'd finished we recorded our observations.

Trial 1
It sounded like a plane going up into space.
The movement it started and stopped.
The dissidents was 2m 43 cm.
The shape was like a rotting apple when an apple rotted it stink and that what the Balloon looked liked.

Trial 2
It sound like a plane going up.
The movement it went slower than trial 1.
The dissidents was 1 m 57 cm.
The shape was like a lemon  getting cut up.
I think this one did go is fast because I did this one with string and the wool on the string fur got in the way and travelled slower.

Trial 3
It sound like when you hold your breath and let the air out .
The movement was it stayed straight when flying and went in circles.
The distance was 2m 24cm.
The shape looked like apple shrinking.
This one was done with fishing wire and went much further too.

Trial 4
It sounded like when you open a ca .
It's movement was like a tv stopping and starting .
The distance was 2m 30cm.
It shape was like popcorn deflating .
This one went faster because the fishing wire was smooth so it went fast and further than the others.

With paper:
It sound like nothing.
The movement of the Balloon went in a spiral..
The distance was 1m 54cm .
Its shape was like a rocket going up into the air .
This one with the paper was much quieter than the other ones but it went in loops and went slower. I think it was because the paper stopped the balloon a little bit. When the balloon was without paper, it went faster.

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