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Tuesday, 30 May 2017


Just I JIt was a sunny breezy Wednesday morning when we experienced Search and Rescue.  People sprinted off while the rest of us bent over, hanging down with blood rushing to our heads.  3 2 1 go.  The five of us sprinted off fighting over whose turn it was with the Walkie talkie. We turned the corner, the boys cheating by following us. Across the bridge, we found them. 1 point to us 0 to the boys! We were going to win by the time we'd finished.

It was our turn finally. Across the bridge, up the hill, across the creek, we found a spot sitting on the muddy ground. People were asking, “Are you near the tractor?”
We were only allowed to say yes or no.
We were far away from that there was two minutes to go. Shhhhhh. Don't talk. 10,9 ,8 ,7 ,6 ,5 , 4,3,2,1 come in.  Yay, we were the only ones who didn't get found. 

Overall I think it went well because I used a couple of bright sparks words and I punctuated my waiting. Next time I'm going to work on putting more bright sparks .

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