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Sunday, 2 April 2017

Responsible citizen

Responsible citizen

Are you a trustworthy person? 
A trustworthy person has an important role to play in our community because if you're not trustworth, people would steal things. Like, if you asked someone if they could clean your house while you're away they could just steal something. If everyone was trustworthy you could feel safer and like you trust that person. A person I know that is a trustworthy person is Neve because you could trust her to look after your ipad and not lose it and she would follow by that rule. So that's why I think she's a trustworthy. 

Do you follow the rules?
If there were any rules then there would be stuff  everywhere. People would be hitting, punching, kicking and kids would be allowed to drive cars. So I think we do need laws because the world would be a safer place. People I see following the laws are the police because if they see someone who isn't following the laws then they will tell them what to do better.

Are you a role model?
Being a role model is important because say if we pick up a bit of rubbish then little kids will do the same thing and it would be a clean happier place. If won't being a role then people would just walk over all the rubbish so I think everyone needs to be a role model. I think Darren is a role model because he encourages people to pick up rubbish so that's why I think he’s a good choice.

Do you care for people?
If we don't care for people the world would be a sad place because if a child fell down and hurt them self bad and no one helped them, that would be terrible. But if we did help them then everyone would feel good about it. I think  a person who cares about people is duty teacher because they will go sort the child out.

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