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Tuesday, 20 September 2016


This term we did speeches. We were learning to structure our speeches, how to use language devices, how to persuade and how to connect to my audience. I can use part of my speech structure. I can use many ideas to connect to the point of view and I can use one language device to persuade and connect with the audience. When I performed my speech to the class it was very scary I was shakIng but after I got over it.

Please click to listen to my speech,or read it below.

Have you noticed that people are constantly on devices using it for a map, torch and games? For example when you drive or walk past a bus stop you see people on there phones, iPads or maybe computers .   

The world would be a better place if everybody got off devices and enjoyed the world around them.  

Two or three weeks ago I was at a friend’s house. I had a bunch of ideas like baking going on the trampoline  and playing the ukulele but when I ask her she said no while she sat tapping her screen. I was beside myself with boredom. For two hours I sat there watching while thinking “When is she going to get off? When is she going to get off?’

Another piece of technology is TV.  2 years ago Beth come over and we watched tv for 45 minutes. Suddenly our mums come in and said “ If you keep watching tv you will get square eyes.” We didn't get square eyes  but because we sat down too long we were so tired. We heard our mums say we would be out like a light tonight.

When you go on a trip like an 8 hour drive you probably get bored so you go on technology the whole time.
But when we travel we usually hear our parents say get off the devices and look out at the view and look at the animals, even though we see animals every holiday because our grandma and grandad live on a farm. When we're down there our grandparents have old fashioned phones and they have no iPads or tablets just one small tv. We are only allowed to go on tv for 10 minutes and then we have to go outside to blow the cobwebs away.  I really like going outside in a good way.
Some games on devices are not what you think like ‘Talking Tom’, this is not a good game for children to play.

Playing different games can help like cards, tag or a easy board game. These are things you can play if you can't go on a device.

I'm now going to limit my devices time to 30 minutes a day and if my brothers can't find anything  to do I can help them too.  If everyone did this the world would be a better place. 

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