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Thursday, 7 July 2016


Imagine if you were in a different country, with nobody you know - just your family you came with. The next day you go to a new school with no family there to walk you in. All you have with you is a backpack and a lunch box. Just then you get goose bumps as the bell rings with loud feet going into the classroom. You sit down next to someone that looks nice to play with but then they move away.  You're left by your self in the dark corner and you just want to run away but as soon as you are just about to walk out the door the bell rings. People push you to get out the door and you fall and no one cares. You grab your lunch box with tears running down your face. 
We have been learning about how to make people feel welcome if they have just come from a different country.

Prejudice Is where someone has an opinion about something that they don't know about. I have seen someone being  prejudice before we were at a friends house and a little boy said there is a person at the door with a moustache. His dad just said it was his friend coming to pick up the trailer. He laughed but I don't think it's was funny. Prejudice Is where someone says something that's not nice and not true.

We found out 187,000 New Zealand felt like they are prejudged.  There are lots of ways to make immigrants feel more welcome like a simple smile, saying hello, being friendly, saying welcome, taking  time to talk to them and treat them like everyone else because if you treat them like everyone else it will make them feel really good. Another good way is to ask for their ideas so it's not all your idea. If they just moved to a different  school then you could give them a tour around.

It's important to make immigrants feel so they connected with the community because it will make them feel comfortable, like they belong to the country. If your family or friends just arrived back from a long long trip and they have a accent and someone said “You talk really funny” you could go up to the person who said that and tell them it’s not a nice thing to say. In the future we could aim for not saying nice things and making it 0% of people who feel prejudged. That would be good for the country because everyone would be nice to each other.

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  1. Ruby I am so proud of you and your writing. The reflection of words that came from your kind heart and understanding of people. I could really feel how you feel and the words you wrote. As mummy always suggests, flowers are all different colors and so are people and the more kindness. No one person is the same. Sharing in people's difference will encourage love and dollerance because you will need throughout life. You were so good eith your friends at the markrt todsay, and fabulous with the public who approached to purchase books and food. Always had a friendly smile. Well done Ruby. We are so lucky to have such a clever young lady.