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Sunday, 3 July 2016

Mountain biking

                                           Mountain biking
April, our instructor, read us through the safety rules and gave us a helmet to clip on. She gave us a bike each, before we walked to the Christmas tree. Well it wasn't really a 
Christmas tree but she called it that. When we got to the tree, we started to practise with the bikes because some of us had never used the same bike. For me it was really hard to use, even though I have a gear bike at home. This one is probably the hardest bike on the earth to use. The bike was so heavy and the pedals were stiff.

 After that we stood in a line for April to check all the bikes.Then she said to all of us that one person could lead the group down little bits of the track. I was the leader of the first bit. At first I was a little bit unsure about it, but it got better. We had turns so I wasn't in the lead the whole time -  that was good because I would probably get very tired. We arrived at the bmx track and had 2 turns there each. April said because we did really well, we could go through the creek and we all did it, but all most people's shoes got wet. We had to ride with them wet all the way back. 

In the first bit I tried to make it with more detail to make sure people enjoy it more, for example ( the bike was so heavy and the pedals were stiff ). My next step is to write with more detail so it makes sense.

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