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Sunday, 29 May 2016

Term 1 learning

This term I am have been learning to use different elements in music, a universal language.

I can use many elements in a musical soundscape, explain why I chose them and their
intended impact in my music. I was trying to make different tones in my soundscape for my back ground and they matched my poem really well.  The elements were beat, rhythm, dynamics, tone colour, tempo, pitch.

We put all the elements in our soundscape and then made them for our back ground for our sharing on wednesday.

This is a link of my sound scape👉👉👉

Where do I from

Where the pine tree’s spiky needles fall 
on to the ground, when here do I come from?

I come from where the harakeke waves 
it's crazy hairdo in  swaying in the wind.

Where the cabbage tree stands as still as a statue
With a fantail tweeting at atthe top.

The hills in the distance look like waves
Curling over and over again.

Where the bellbird tweets a song 
To scare away other birds.

Where people swim around 
And surf in the lake on a hot day.

Where I go biking on the beach 
on a hot day.

1 comment:

  1. Well done Ruby. I love your soundscape, you have done a great job using so many different sounds and textures and trying to keep them in time. I love the repeating melody of the bellbird that runs through it. It fits beautifully with the poem. Mrs P