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Monday, 14 March 2016

The Sticks.

The little pyramids join together to build mountains.

The grey colour splashes onto the wall 
like a big blocks of melted marshmallow.

The shadow bends down over the hills 
creating dark trees.

The sticks join together 
to make a big scary picture in my mind.
It's like branches from trees 
that could be used as monkey bars.
Why did the artist use pencils?
How delicate are they?
Why didn’t he just paint it?
Why don't I feel anything from it?


In this poem I have been learning to do similes and metaphors in are poems.

My poem is currently at the stage of many ideas but need a little bit of help.

My next step is to use similes and metaphors that connect to create an image or emotion.


  1. Wow ruby this is such a good poem. I like the sentence where you said the shadow bends down over the hills creating dark trees. A image of lots of monkey bars is in my head. This just so good.

  2. Great job ruby I really really loved it because it had lost of Detail In it.